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We will teach you how to remove the feeling and appearance of age so that you can enjoy more and do more in life…

Remove pain, stiffness, nagging injuries, and learn breakthrough secrets for having an optimally functioning body.

In This Interactive Live Workshop, The #1 Age Defying Fitness Expert is Pulling Back the Curtain to Reveal:

✅ How to get in the best shape of your life regardless of your age or current fitness level. All with no equipment and absolutely FREE. (Over $995 Value)


fitness WITHOUT stiffness

✅ Five elite-level, virtual masterclasses that’ll revitalize your body and mind (forever)…

✅ PLUS: Proven ways to getting a year’s worth of body transformation in just 7 short days… 


HOLD YOUR SPOT NOW! Limited Seats Available.

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Me and my lovely partner Patricia (proud creators of The Full Body Fix)

A year’s worth of results after just 7 days -
Discover the Secret

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throw away your
aches & pains for good!

Let’s face it. When we reach a certain age, exercising can very quickly zap us of energy. 


We’re more prone to lifelong aches and pains in places we didn’t even know existed.


Past injuries may pay us an unwelcomed revisit too.

What’s worse is that, up until now, you’ve been given just three options to counter this



Well, let me tell you now, it doesn’t have to be like this. You shouldn’t need to worry about aches and pains standing in the way of a more fulfilling and happy life.


You should be able to embrace optimal fitness without stiffness.

We want to take you by the hand and embrace the journey with you! ❤️


With SO MANY others already achieving physical greatness regardless of age, it would be a shame for you to miss out – So read on!

the full body fix one week event

Okay, here’s the deal. The Full Body Fix is not going to be us giving you a bunch of grueling routines. No, no, that’s not what we’re about!


The Full Body Fix involves us giving you five sixty-minute, world-class, body and mind transformation virtual sessions that you can join from the privacy of your home.


These are sessions provided live by the world’s greatest fitness experts without the need for a single piece of gym equipment.

Our goal?

To get you an eye opening, age defying, body transforming, life improving experience – in just 7 days.

By providing you with tricks that’ll enable you to move your body in a way that you’d never be able to figure out alone.

Once you know what we’ll reveal to you, you’ll change the way you move and function – forever. That’s it.

P.S. we’re also going to be sending you the recordings for you to keep forever – a gift from Patricia and I 🥰

Now, make no mistake, you will leave each session feeling like you’ve had an amazing workout because our training protocols are truly cutting-edge.

You’ll feel radiant and way more aligned (with no pains). We know this because that’s how everybody else feels after a session with us. But it doesn’t stop there.

Do You Feel That Exercise Doesn't Work For You?

When you finish this one-week event, you will know your Optimal Level of Exercise
Because we’re going to share with you

In other words, you will finish this one-week event knowing your 

Optimal Physiological Dosage! 

This isn’t like anything else out there. We ensure that you don’t undertrain or overtrain (the negative effects of undertraining and overtraining are well documented).


We’re not going to push you too hard or demand long-term commitment.


You see, what we’re really doing is giving you a plan of attack that you can keep and utilize moving forward to get the very best results. Why?

Because, like you, we’re tired of the mainstream approach to fitness – It just doesn’t work for the majority of us. Our goal has always been to simply be the best at what we do.

Let other people stick to “life overhauls” and unsustainable excessive routines. We believe in Personalization.

Because when you’re perfectly suited to your exercises, you can see maximum results with far less effort.

Any doubts?
check out what people say
about the full body fix!

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Curt Pavlicek – Aviation CEO fixes his shoulder

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Joel Weldon – the fittest 80 year old in the world!

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thousands now embrace life who never thought they could

To be very clear, what you’ll feel when you join The Full Body Fix is like nothing you would’ve experienced to date.


You’ll have the opportunity to make progress faster than ever before with workouts that are tailored to you and your unique body.


It’s really like having your own fitness makeover on a laptop, tablet, or mobile.


A value of over $995 given to you at no cost. You’re robbing the bank with zero risk…


From the get-go, we wanted to be entirely different from other fitness regimens in every way possible.


We are certain that you will feel this difference with our Full Body Fix.

Here’s Our Promise 
To You

We’re going to work with you in a virtual group class for one  week as if you were a paying client.

Oh yes, you’re going to get the full client experience! We’re going to make things so very simple for you. After all, it’s what you need in a world where everybody else turns stuff complex just to inflate ego.

So, yes: you’ll find that The Full Body Fix is a challenge that is totally malleable to you – nothing you’re not capable of and nothing that risks injury.

Just pure energy and empowerment sent to you and your body. Let us show you the right way to train.

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